If you are not big on astrology, no biggie. But I am! And no matter what you believe, you must believe in the power of the mind, and the power of the MOON. I don't know all the science behind it but think about this, (I just pulled these facts off google):
"Up to 60% of the human adult body is water. According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%, and even the bones are watery: 31%."
The moon's gravitational pull controls the tides in the ocean. Water. Women's bodies cycle around the moon. That's enough for me right there to believe it affects my life in more ways than just something pretty to look at in the sky. 
SO. What am I getting at. It's a new moon in Gemini today. Read here if you want to read more about it and what it means for you and your sign. I think no matter what, why scoff at astrology when it's something that has been around for ages. Does that not interest you at least a little? I don't ever understand those who just refuse to "believe" in astrology like bro there's nothing to "believe" it's a language that you either take the time to understand, or you don't. I don't believe that it's just science, or just God etc. because I KNOW it is all one. It's all connected. Use science and spirituality and astrology and your connection to God and your higher self and the universe and your gut feeling and your grandma's advice. It's all ONE. 
So let's do a new moon ritual. I personally have no rules for this. I am not an astrologer, I again, just strongly believe in the power of my mind and my energy each day. I feel that if you feel deep in your bones it's the right thing to do, well then that's what you should do. No matter if I do a ritual or manifestations or not, I always always always make sure my home is super clean. WASH YOUR FLOORS (and your feet!! Quickest way to switch up a low vibe btw. Little tip from me to you.) and I just give myself some silence and rest that day. Otherwise I will light candles (every night regardless let's be honest..) and get into writing down manifestations, journaling and praying. I write down things I want to leave in the last cycle that I don't want to take with me. And I write down real goals for the next 4 weeks. Nothing tedious or exhausting, it should excite you. If it feels forced, don't do it. Just clean your space and just be. Your body always knows. 
Either way, this IS a new cycle and you ARE leaving behind certain things and beginning other ones. Over the next few days, writing out your new moon to do's will have the most OOMPH in your spirit and that will help you carry them out. Remember none of this is crazy weirdo magic luck it's the power of your mind. It's all YOU. So take control of this power and realize you aren't just sitting around waiting for great things to happen to you. It starts with that little rosebud in your mind. 
Happy New Moon. Cleanse your space. If you sage, I recommend opening your windows for at least 2 hours afterwards and letting all the bad/old energy out. Then palo santo or incense. Sage is masculine and palo santo is feminine. One is more for cleansing and one blesses. But again, those are my beliefs. And the powers in MY mind. Do you. <3

See you tomorrow. 
xx L 

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