This is something I struggle with but I have really gotten better at it and not just since quarantine. I love this pic of MC with her McDonald's because first of all it's iconic. And second of all, while it completely contradicts Love You Day 10 // How Do You Fuel, man, sometimes you just gotta do it! And by IT I mean whatever your heart desires. 
I believe there are little things we can do for our souls that might not technically be the "right" thing to do. Like eat whatever you want, sleep all day, not return your calls/texts, have a little too much wine with a friend,.. etc. Like, whatever it is you wanna do today, (with safety in mind) I want you to do it. 
I have to literally practice this because while I might be doing the act, I don't always do it without guilt and the guilt is actually proven to be much unhealthier than just doing the fucking thing. Guilt and shame are the most low vibrational emotions they literally do nothing for us but bring us down into a shrunken smaller version of ourselves until we feel powerless and unworthy. I feel like guilt and shame are gateway emotions to some really dark shit if you let it get there. 
SO I actually believe in practicing going a little off track in my perfect little set schedule/diet/life from time to time because it keeps me free. And I want you to do this act out of complete love for yourself because it feels GOOD to just let go, NOT because you need to escape from feeling something. I always fear sounding preachy on this shit but I only speak it cuz I know it. Sometimes we eat a shit load or drink a lot or get high as shit to numb ourselves from what it is we are feeling deep down and aren't ready to face. Which is totally okay too, trust me. You are human and you are not alone. I just want you to be aware of it. 
But back to our regularly scheduled program. Which is, whatever your heart desires. 
Love you. 
See you tomorrow. 
xx L 

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