DAY 14. FAST. 
Now you don't have to do this today. I slept in (ohhh lovely Sunday) and I'm giving you this post late so you may have already eaten breakfast. I find with fasting you really have to listen to your body anyway. When your spirit is calling you to fast.
In my family, I was taught at a very young age to fast when looking for answers/guidance/assistance in my life. I fast when I am unsure about a business decision, about a relationship issue, or when I'm feeling anxious.
- I find my anxiety is usually my human mind scrambling to figure out what it is I'm feeling deep down. Something that needs to be addressed that I might not be ready to face and that anxiety is like buying time until I am ready to face it. Just chaotic energy. -
We also fast as a family when one of us is going through a really hard time or is very sick. 
I find that regular fasting (once a week/every 2 weeks, usually on Sunday) keeps me grounded and connected to my higher self. Again, our bodies are vessels, they speak to us in many ways. So when we take out "the work" it has to do digesting our food for us, detoxing, etc., it can really just be used as a tool to receive the messages you need to receive. 
This is how I fast: I eat my last meal on Saturday and I don't eat until dinner time on Sunday. I wake up and pray and I try to stay off my phone/computer/tv etc until that evening. I may put on a guided meditation or go for a walk. I may take a salt bath and write in my journal, or just lay on the floor in my living room or up on my roof in the sun and be alone with my thoughts. I find it's important to pray about why I'm fasting the night before and that morning, and then I close my fast with a prayer as well. 
If you don't feel you have anything to fast for, I suggest doing it anyway. It's good for your body and it's one way to practice enjoying your time alone without needing any single thing to bring you peace and happiness. I found that to really get to the root of loving myself was to find peace with myself and to do that I had to do what my Dad says is "the ego's nightmare".. abstinence. Anything that you think you *need* to feel good, take it away. When you are at a place of true personal accomplishment, you are not in need of any person place or thing to make you happy. In fact, you might (definitely) find that the more you learn to live without, the happier you become. I think this is why I enjoy doing different types of cleanses and challenges and all that. I enjoy the exercise and I see how much happier I am the more I simplify my life. 
So you can try this today or you can prepare your fast tonight for tomorrow. Or you can pray and ask to be guided on when you should start your fast. As I close this I'm reminded of the first fast I did when I had first moved to LA and my roommate was traveling so I was alone in the apartment without any distractions and totally freaked out. I had no idea how I was gonna proceed in this new country. I fasted all day and when I kneeled down to pray I just cried and cried and kept praying and talking to God and when I looked up, 45 min had passed like it was nothing. After, I just laid down and fell asleep. Exhausted. 
I can't say what you will experience when you fast but I believe if you do it with the right intention in mind, you will be blessed with, at the very least, peace of mind. 
Love you. 
See you tomorrow. 
xx L 

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