Sing and dance today!!! Every day, tbh. It literally raises your vibration and what happens when you do that? You attract more of those good vibes. 
I notice when I'm feeling like I need a good cry I can start singing along with something and it opens up this thing in me (throat and heart chakras!?) where I am able to just release. And I think we need to be crying just as much as we need to be laughing in our lives. Actually, here is another thing to practice. When you're watching something or listening to something or are triggered by literally anything that makes you feel like you're gonna cry, try not to stop it. Just let the tears fall. I don't think many understand the power of being brave enough to be vulnerable. So practice just letting it allll out. Bawl til you fall.
DO NOT use this is a tool to manipulate, I hate people like this. I probably hate them because it took me so long to allow myself to cry it's like, too sacred to me I would never dream of faking or forcing it to get the reaction I wanted. BUT then I quickly realize that those people I hate (I don't hate them) have learned to do this for their own painful reasons. Maybe that was the only way they were given love and attention as a child, if something was wrong. So they crave pity and worry. That sucks! To believe you are only worthy of attention if something is wrong. No? Ahhh it feels so nice to understand and let go. (I knew this post was gonna be super short and sweet today so now I'm just rambling on a stream of consciousness diary entry don't worry it won't be for too much longer hahaha)
ANYWAY. Singing! And Dancing! I find are two acts that bring you closer to God. Closer to your spirit and your highest self. Because you are just feelingggg the music and your body reacts on it's own. Everything is in sync in your being and it's just magical. I've been dancing my whole life, I started when I was 5. I stopped doing it as a sport around 19 but I still dance every chance I get. When I'm working out, when I'm cooking, getting ready for bed.. it will definitely and SWIFTLY get you out of whatever funk you are in. It's a release and it's FUN. (side bar as I'm writing this, and noticing how many times the word release comes up, think of this in terms of life in general and how powerful releasing is on whatever scale..) 
I'm a firm believer that doing this every day keeps you young, happy and glowing from the inside out. Do it just for you. In front of the mirror or in the dark. All of the above. Now I'm about to put on my music and dance while I workout. You know I love a good sweat sesh. 
See you tomorrow. 
xx L 

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