I thought today was a perfect day to challenge you to go sober for 12 days. The first cleanse I ever did was 12 days long and it was totally do-able and we have 12 days left of this challenge. 
No alcohol. No drugs. No smoke. Nothing. Many people cleanse and detox for the physical benefits it brings and yes, this is huge. We've already talked about the importance of a clean diet and how it affects you and your vessel/spirit overall. But now that we're getting deeper into healing work I want you to think about why having control and power over your mind is so important. 
When I did one of my deeper LIFE detoxes in 2018, I went sober for about 5 months. And then again in 2019 for 6 months. The reason for this was I had decided to change my life. In order to do that I had to change the way I looked at myself and at my life. I had to look at what I didn't like, what was causing me pain and take responsibility for it. Remember I touched on subconscious thought patterns in a few posts back.. well, I realized, how could I possibly do the work in changing these patterns without complete control of my mind. Substances take you out of your mind and whether you want to believe you have it under complete control or not, they alter your conscious and subconscious mind and they also open you up to other entities that want to play around with those thought patterns. 
The great thing about all of this healing work is you are in full control. When you are aware of your thought patterns you can start to catch yourself and stop it. Say your affirmations out loud, start writing, praying,.. you can do the work to change it. You do not have to believe every thought you think, that is a recipe for disaster! You have to understand that not every thought is your true being or your soul and you do have the power to change them, that is literally how you will change your entire life. 
What's also great about this is you will be able to see your triggers VERY quickly and be able to work with them from here on out. You will see what triggers you and makes you want to have a drink or smoke a joint. Whatever your thing is. And then that thought, that trigger is now a tool of yours. Something to create affirmations around and something to work with. Your triggers are like little clues in the mystery that is your subconscious thoughts. 
Some of you may not be greatly triggered. You may just be bored. And I get it. But I don't believe boredom is just boredom. Something to think about.. 
Anyway. We go sober for awareness. 
I don't need to tell you that it's poison. You already know that. I think an occasional glass of organic wine is cool, or some edibles. But I do know how harmful smoke of any kind is to the human body (I used to smoke cigs and weed no judgement!!!) and I know alcohol is just straight regulated poison. I still partake and have OVERindulged in my past. This isn't to judge - AT ALL - it's just facts. I think a good little cleanse is always nice to compare. To see what you are happier living without. When your spirit and your mind start to expand what you know now, and it will if you keep doing the work, you will see that a lot of these things are truly just less enjoyable. 
We take substances to escape our minds but what happens when you learn to enjoy your sober mind. You have unlearned some shit, re-trained your mind and you feel more at peace. You might learn, as I have, that you enjoy your sober state so much more. You enjoy feeling and you enjoy being aware and alert. 
I'm not even trying to get you to quit anything. Just 12 days. An experiment so you can work with yourself easier. Get the clues you need to take you further into you. 
Before I close this I do need to say that everybody is different so you just need to see what works for you. Many cultures and religions use particular substances as medicine in their healing work. I personally have realized my spirit is too sensitive for most substances and I prefer my sober mind. But I have experimented a lot and have learned what works for me. 
So that's all this is. An experiment. You won't know til you try. 
Love you. 
See you tomorrow. 
xx L 

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