Well, I gotta be honest guys. I just do not really have the same juice today and I've been dragging my feet all morning trying to write this post. The current state of the world has my heart feeling very, very low. I feel frozen in my feelings - just sitting and staring. Scrolling, crying. I know it's important to feel it. I've been praying a LOT. As I know it has to get worse before it gets better. The current president of the United States has made people feel VERY comfortable expressing their disgusting ignorance and racism and to be honest, it's kind of a good thing. Racism never went away, it was merely hidden. Now the problem is magnified for us to see clearly and well, I feel this system needs to be burned to the ground before we can rise again and operate as we should. As one. 
And that's what my post is about. The idea of oneness and the act of service. Because when you are serving your fellow man, you are serving yourself. I believe we are energy, consciousness, there is no beginning and no end, we chose to be on this planet at this particular time in this human body to help with expansion, evolution, and we are currently living what we already agreed to. I know that our current reality is but one channel. And there are many channels existing at once. Like turning the dial on the radio. I know what we do in this channel sets us up for what we are able to do in the next, or rather, what we aren't able to do. What we have to repeat. The choices you make here are absolutely up to you, just know, they matter. And you will take them with you. 
In this time where you may be feeling extremely low, one thing I know that will breathe life and love into your soul is the act of service. Serve your fellow man. Every soul on this planet is your brother or sister from heaven. I truly, with my whole soul believe and know that to be true. And when I am feeling very low, doing something for my brother or sister here on earth, feeds me. Whether it's giving the homeless food/blankets/water/money, donating to a charity I believe in, supporting a friend's small business with a purchase or even a post, a loving text message, a compliment to a stranger or helping them carry something to their car, buying someone's groceries,.. whatever you can do today, do it. I guarantee in whatever setting you are in today, you can find a way to serve your heavenly brother or sister. It will open up a channel between you two, of love and warmth and remind you of your oneness. Because you will immediately feel the love in each other's energy. 
Now is the time to go deep into our hearts. Because when one heart is lacking, all of ours are. And I know this to be true. 
I love you. 
See you tomorrow. 
xx L

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  • KM

    Thanks you. Thank you for this post. Timely and important.

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