I think it's really important to clean out clutter in every way that we can so we can get to the real juicy heart of ourselves. And ohhh man do we have so many distractions keeping us from that!! Without even realizing it. It's really the way our world is designed. The beauty here is you have all the control in what you take in around you, and what you don't. 
Now, and especially right now, I guarantee you're on your phone what, 200% more than you usually are? You're quarantined, you miss your friends & family, and you wanna stay connected. The thing is, what exactly are you staying connected to? Truth? Love? Not always. I think social media can be such a beautiful thing but it's not necessarily designed that way. Much like this modern world. It kindaaa keeps you in a place of comparison, desire, longing, dissatisfaction and disappointment. Not always! But often. It's kindaaa the agenda. No matter how happy you are in your life, with yourself, with your looks, with your belongings, there is always the *next* thing you *need* right? At least that's what they hope. Because if you were perfectly happy exactly as you are, you wouldn't need anything from them right? 
Weak entities MUST keep you in a place of need. Things that truly wish for you to excel, grow and THRIVE, don't want you to need them forever. That's just a little side bar I don't wanna get off track.. 
So, I don't wanna tell you what to do, I just share what I'm doing. Which is a Digital Detox. I can feel when I've had a little too much. When something becomes a habit. I'll fold clothes, and stop to peep my phone, just because. I'll make some food, sit on the couch and scroll as I'm eating. The minute I start doing this I make a note and put myself on a little time-out. Habits are SO easy to form and I'm only interested in ones that benefit me. 
Right now you're able to stay connected to friends and family which is AMAZING but you're also reading low vibrational, fear promoting news headlines, other people's fears and their low vibrational moments when they decide to spew their opinions on whatever the hell they're feeling at the moment because they don't have anyone to talk to.. etc etc etc. None of this is wrong. They're not wrong for that, it's normal. And we're not trying to be insensitive to what's normal, but we are trying to protect our energy.
In order to start focusing on your inner work you must cut out the noise. So come up with a little plan for yourself. An hour in the morning, at night.. whatever. You know yourself, your work load and your pesky little habits. But I highly recommend taking a BREAK. And it's the perfect time while you continue to cleanse your space this week. Put on your favorite music, open your windows, light your incense. Feel and make note of YOUR feelings, not what others want you to feel. Write them down if you feel so inclined, you might need those notes later.
See you tomorrow. <3
xx L 

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