In these times, I find it impossible to talk about anything other than what is going on in the world right now and that is a FUCKING REVOLUTION!! Change is happening and we are witnessing history. Now is the time to SPEAK from your fucking HEART about what you believe in and let it be known. 
Which is why today I want to talk about the throat chakra and speaking your truth. Being true to yourself and your beliefs is one of the highest ways if not the highest way to honor yourself. How many times do you wish you could go back and say what you really meant. What you really felt. To just be able to be upfront without manipulation or passive aggressiveness. I have had to work a lot on that this year, in fact, I personally feel that this year my #1 lesson and soul/homework is to learn to speak my truth and vocalize my boundaries with ease. I am not manipulative but I do have people pleasing habits that have come from my abandonment issues. But all that left me feeling was resentful and angry with myself and with others who I felt took advantage of that. It felt like poison in my soul, honestly. A burning acidic anger that was just rumbling below my surface. 
When you are putting someone else's feelings before your own, you are showing yourself, and the universe, that your feelings come second. And your life will reflect those beliefs back to you. 
Your homework is to now exercise your throat chakra. Practice sticking up for yourself and for others. Practice feeling what YOU FEEL and expressing it without checking first to see if it's "okay" or "acceptable" or "appropriate." Practice being okay with owning your opinion no matter how controversial. Practice honoring what you believe in and who the fuck you are. I promise you it is far better to be alone and true to yourself than to pretend, just to be accepted by those who are not for you. 
It's going to be very uncomfortable for the people pleasers out there, trust me I knowwww. It's damn near painful for me sometimes to leave without making sure the water's calm. To not smooth everything over and make sure everyone's happy. But I learned that when I did that, I was the only one suffering.
Honor your truth and life will take care of you. 
I love you. 
See you tomorrow. 
xx L 
PS. please see my instagram story (@lainarauma) for links to where you can donate to help the protestors who are out risking their lives this weekend. #BLACKLIVESMATTER 

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