Today's post was written by my dear friend Trevor. 

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My favourite place right now is my kitchen island. On a daily basis I like to clean the surface spotless, adjust my wooden spoons & shift my decor pieces until my OCD is satisfied. I then prepare for what now has turned into a daily ritual of eating about 3- 5 mangos. Yes 3-5. I have 0 control when it comes to mangos and why should I. This is self love. 

Self love to me has no rules. It has no blueprint. There is no guideline unless I decide there is one. Self love to me is creating the space & environment to simply just be. To allow the mind & body to connect & be aligned with spirit. To nurture the emotional wounds I’ve been afflicted with by life & to celebrate them as they turn into my beauty marks that develop my character & aura. 

I believe our highest form of nutrition is in our expression. 

& this is how I love myself everyday. By allowing myself to constantly be in a flow of expression through my art & being. 

Every human being is creative. It is our essence & it’s through this expression we nurture ourselves. Love ourselves. Learn about ourselves & Heal ourselves & at the same time through this expression it finds its way to nurture & inspire the world from the inside out. A sustainable process.

By loving self I love others. By healing self I heal the world. By expressing myself I connect with others. Therefore Self love is is not selfish. It’s the most selfless act one can practice everyday. 

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