Today's post is short and simple but the act itself might take a lot out of you. This one surprised me when I did it for the first time and as I write this, I realize I need to do it more often. 
Today you are going to sit in front of the mirror and say "I love you, _(yourname)_." Look into your eyes and repeat it gently until you cry. You might be surprised how quickly you come to tears. You might need to change your tone a few times. One of them is gonna hit home. 
Don't feel silly! I started this when I was reading Louise Hay and first she gets you to say "I approve of myself." over and over and over and over. Then I went into the I love you's. It surprised me how much I needed to hear that from myself. I've learned over time that all the love I'm looking for is within me. And in order to give and receive it freely and openly, I need to give it to myself first. Consistently and unconditionally.
The "I approve of myself" affirmation was interesting because I don't think we realize how we judge ourselves in big and small ways. And we all do. We see it come out the moment we judge someone else. Whether we want to admit it to ourselves or not. For the most part, all of us, unless you are some sort of absolutely enlightened Guru, judge ourselves deep down for something we think we have done wrong. When we acknowledge this and allow ourselves to be imperfect humans and forgive ourselves, we are able to do that for others. We are more forgiving in general of the mistakes people make and we aren't so bothered by them. You will see the more love you give yourself and the more accepting you are of yourself, the more you ease up on the world around you. You are able to love unconditionally and you take less things personally. You just accept others on their path, their mistakes and their flaws, because you accept yours. You trust yours and you are grateful for it.
I'm going to start my mirror work again today and I am going to make a point to do this every morning, along with my affirmations. Also you can get really cute with it. I often look in the mirror while I'm dancing and doing something goofy, I just giggle and go "you cute!" Somewhere along the way we were told that this isn't acceptable and if we talk to ourselves like this it is somehow cocky or conceited. Listen, you know what's crossing the line so don't worry about that.
How amazing would the world be if we all did this for ourselves every day. We would be giving out sooo much more love, without expecting anything in return, because we would know that we already embody everything we need. 
Let the I love you's begin! Give yourself some time to ease into it. Do it when you are comfortable and have the time to feel any emotion that may come up and some time to journal after if you need to. 
I love you. 
See you tomorrow.
xx L 

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