Hey gorgeous,
Welcome to the LR Lounge, otherwise known as my blog. I will be here to blab about, well, literally any and everything but for NOW, I want to intro you to some of my favorite people and how we're all handling this pandemic.
As you may have figured, I couldn't shoot a regular look book for LEISURE because we are all on lockdown so I did the next best thing and sent my babes a Quarantine Leisure package to shoot in and let us know how they're doing in the midst of all of this. 
I hope you enjoy getting to know some particularly fabulous people and I hope you're all staying healthy and safe out there!!
If you ordered LEISURE last week, they are on the way - we are shipping as I type this! And I'm sorry but we are not re-stocking. You know how we do. There are too many FIRE releases on the way and that includes new Leisure in the Fall so don't sweat it. I gotchu, I gotchu. 
Love you. 
xx L 

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