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07. April 2015

It's 1:53 am. Welcome to my new website. I'm trying to come up with something genuine yet charming that completely sums up how I'm feeling right now but I'm confidant that it'll poop out on it's own at some point. So we've been working on this site for quite some time and I didn't want to be one of those people who gives themself a deadline and then fucks it up but I did and I am. (themself isn't a word? I'm getting the red underline for some reason and I just google checked it?.. whatever). The site is not complete. BUT IT WILL BE SOON!!! (I hate the word soon it sounds so thirsty..) For now, you can buy some of the new gear that I'll be posting on here all week with links to the old site until I fine tune this thing. I know they say it's best not to rush but I don't look at this as rushing. I look at it as giving the girls what they want. And from what I've seen, they want bathing suits and colorful, fun, sexy clothing. Also, I haven't had a blog in a really long time and I miss blabbing about shit so I'm gonna do a fair amount of that too. And if you want me to talk about anything in particular email me and I'll probably ignore it and then come back to it in a couple of weeks and pretend it was my own idea.. ;-) #jkjk ANYWAY!!! I love you, man. I have some really cute stuff comin' uuuppp, I pwomise. <3 <3 <3 

xx L**photo by @chrispimages chrispimages.com / edit by @lizrosa lizrosa.com 

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