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Kylie wearing “High Jump - Textured Black Card” from her calendar shoot with Terry Richardson 🤑 #LRCC

Canadian Tuxedo on my Cali babe @realbriamyles wearing High Jump denim kini #LRCC

Blue Crush #LRCC

iPhone product shots in bed. | #LRCC

High Jump #LRCC

Blushing Mimosa is sold out in every silhouette but I’m going in today to see about bringing her back. | #LRCC


“Intrigue.” | Indigo Hotel + Elysian Garden #LRCC

Night cap. | Black Dahlia x Supple Bronze #LRCC

#TGIF #LRCC | Indigo Hotel

Now go get undressed, sweetie and pour me a whiskey. | Indigo Hotel #LRCC

Indigo Hotel | #LRCC

Azure Liqueur x Blushing Mimosa | #LRCC |

Azure Liqueur x Blushing Mimosa | #LRCC |

Azure Liqueur x Blushing Mimosa | #LRCC |

Layered sheers in Grand Marnier #LRCC |

Grand Marnier | #LRCC

Azure Liqueur | (far left* hungry and over it* ) #LRCC

Vanilla Rose Playsuit | #LRCC

Vanilla Rose | #LRCC

Vanilla Rose | #LRCC

Vanilla Rose | #LRCC

Pool boi. | Supple Bronze #LRCC

Supple Bronze | #LRCC

Black Dahlia Playsuit & Robe. Mama plays kitten | #LRCC

Impress them. It’s easy. | Elysian Garden #LRCC

“Gimme 20 min..” + 2 hours to sing a few chunes, rap a few bars and layer my fragrance so that I got all the game faces ready, regardless. Getting ready is the best part.. #LRCC | Elysian Garden set available on

Elysian Garden #LRCC |

I hate to pick favorites cuz they’re like my children but rlly, rlly.. she’s one of ‘em. | Elysian Garden Robe #LRCC |

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