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I had hair this blonde, and a little shorter, for like a good 3 years of my life #LRCC4 #NEWMONEY 08.31.17

Take yourself seriously. But not to the point to where you stop enjoying life. #LRCC4 #newmoney 🥂


‪Four-way stretch, coated spandex. They’re as easy to get on as your best butt jeans. And worth it. “Sophia” 5 colors. ‬

Drop 3.

Staying open til 6! What a bomb ass day. We love you guys!!! We’ll be back very soon. @tanayahenry @lacebytanaya (at New York, New York)

Pop up! 15 Orchard NY, NY 10002 - come thru babes. And to the ones who already have, you’re making my whole day. My sweethearts. Love you. (at New York, New York)

Crazy morning!!! So amazing meeting all of you babes! We’re here til 5pm. 15 Orchard NY, NY 10002

It’s kinda like Twister with latex pants and coconut oil. “Sophia”

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When the hormones flare up, suck in your cheek bones, at least.. cuz the bitch is all the way out. 🤗

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“Umm. So yeah.” #twerp #LRbasics | snap: LainaRauma

Silver & Gold. The Sun & The Moon.. | “Christie”

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