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  • NCLA x Laina Rauma
  • NCLA x Laina Rauma
  • NCLA x Laina Rauma
  • NCLA x Laina Rauma
  • NCLA x Laina Rauma

NCLA x Laina Rauma

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    So excited to introduce my first collaboration with my FAVORITE Luxury Nail Fashion Brand.. yes they is that bitch, NCLA!!! If you know me, you know I'm pretty fucking particular (insane) about what colors go on these hands. Thanks to this amazing crew of babe-geniuses, I got to narrow down, experiment and find my EXACT favorite shades that I pretty much wear exclusively, year-round. Literally every babe on-screen, red carpet etc etc is wearing their polish. How I finagled my ass in here is my biz anddd.. you're welcome. *nails flexed emoji* 

    The four piece lacquer collection features two pastel creams that go with everything, a buildable sheer white, and a gold, full coverage glitter cuz if you're going to glitter, let it be gold..

    PS. All of these are named after some of my most ridiculous and self-pitying/obnoxious tweets. 

    I hope you love them as much as I do!!! 

    I Have Jalapenos in My Purse. - Pale Pink Cream

    I'm Not Your Type Bro, I Promise. - Pale Peach Cream

    Bath to Bed at 7pm on a Friday. - Sheer White Cream 

    Gonna Stay Home & Cry in the Mirror. - Full Coverage Gold Glitter 

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    SHIPPING:  Please note: Each Laina Rauma piece is made to order, so allow 10-14 business days from order date for your piece to ship. Thank you!   RETURNS/EXCHANGES: **Please note, each Laina Rauma piece is made to order so each piece is essentially a custom order meaning it is not created until you order the piece. Should your piece arrived damaged or absolutely does not fit, we will work out an exchange or refund with you. Please email CSR@lainarauma.com if you have any questions or concerns.

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